About Us

The membership, both men and women, is derived from all eight Volunteer Fire Companies in Ross Township. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our primary function is to assist all the Ross Fire Companies at fire calls.

In addition we assist at; accidents, floods, wires down, parades, funerals, crowd control, and any other details where our services are required, also providing mutual aid for surrounding Townships and Boroughs of Ross Township, under the direction and authority of the Ross Township Police Department. Those Townships and Boroughs include the following; Ben-Avon Hts., Emsworth, Etna, Kilbuck, McCandless, Millvale, Reserve, Shaler, and West View.

In September of 1995 the John A. Brenckle Memorial Hall was completed. This facility was the result of many hours of sweat and equity by it’s members. Housed in this facility are three fully equiped traffic control vehicles and all other needed safety equipment used on emergencies and details.

The Ross Township Fire Police continue to carry on the legacy that our fallen leader, John A Brenckle, set fourth. We are constantly updating equipment and training so that we can continue to grow as a premier fire police unit.

2013 Call Stats - 291 Calls

Total Hours1169:38:00
Fire Call Hours328:34:00
Police Call Hours511:29:00
Training Hours329:35:00


2012 Call Stats - 448 Calls

Total Hours2419:01:00
Fire Call Hours742:58:00
Police Call Hours1160:12:00
Training Hours515:51:00


2010 Call Stats – 538 Calls

Total Hours1977:21:00
Fire Call Hours765:24:00
Police Call Hours1211:57:00
Training Hours487:10:00


2009 Call Stats - 535 Calls

Total Hours5094:22:00
Fire Call Hours3315:25:30
Police Call Hours1212:11:30
Training Hours566:45:00


2008 Call Stats – 661 Calls

Total Hours2658:23:00
Fire Call Hours1013:24:00
Police Call Hours1013:44:00
Training Hours631:55:00


2007 Call Stats – 810 calls

Total Hours6594:75:00
Fire Call Hours2953:47:00
Police Call Hours3000:29:00
Training Hours649:99:00


2006 Call Stats

Total Hours6699:27:00
Fire Call Hours3365:21:00
Police Call Hours2314:21:00
Training Hours1019.85:00


2005 Call Stats

Total Hours4870:49:00
Fire Call Hours3287:59:00
Police Call Hours964:04:00
Training Hours621:86:00

Always Ready to Serve