Our Leader, Our Friend, Our Hero…254-21 Forever

John A. Brenckle
JAN 3, 1947 – SEPT 23, 2004


Captain John A. Brenckle was a founding member of the Ross Township Fire Police where he served as president for 24 years. John also was a life member of Berkeley Hills Fire Company where he proudly served the community of Ross Township for over 30 years. John was a integral part in making the Ross Township Fire Police, the premier fire police unit in Pennsylvania. If you attended a parade or watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July you probably saw John. If you ever traveled McKnight Road and there was a fire or accident John was probably there making sure the firemen, EMS, or police could do their jobs safely. John made sure that everyone could safely get to where they needed to go. John was hard to miss he was 6ft 10in tall. Intimidating yes, but a heart of gold. Anytime help was needed in his own community or surrounding communities John was there to lend a hand. I sometimes think if you looked up the definition of friend, leader, or comrade there would be a picture of John. John represented dedication, loyalty, motivation, and hard work. He gave many hours to Ross Township and surrounding communities. On Sept 17th, 2004 Hurricane Ivan hit the North Hills, Millvale, and Etna very hard. On that day John went to work as he did every day. After an 8 hour day John met up with his brothers of the Ross Township Fire Police to help residents in the flooded areas leave safely. Little did anyone know how much that day would affect the lives of those who knew him. John became ill on Sunday Sept 19, 2004 from coming in contact with a bacteria in the flood waters, which entered into a wound on his leg. John was hospitalized on the 21st and passed away from the infection on Sept 23 2004. John’s life was cut short because of his devotion and love a being a Fire Policemen. John will not be forgotten and neither will his sacrifice.

Written by Amy Warrick (John’s Daughter)



254-21…You Will Never Be Forgotten…

Always Ready to Serve